Moby dick game

moby dick game

Spiele Moby Dick 2 - Friss alles! Back to Game. AD BLOCKER DETECTED! Please disable your "adblock" plugin to watch the video! 1. Click on the AdBlock. Moby Dick ist der Literaturklassiker schlichtweg hin. Hilf dem dicken Wal bei seinem Kampf ums Überleben! Dabei muss er unbedingt alles fressen, was kleiner. Loading While your game is loading, check this enemy catalog: Click here to Play! Moby Dick 2 is currently locked to until next Thursday.

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Moby Dick 2 (The Game) Wave 50 moby dick game Type your Review required 2. This will be nearly impossible to earn without switching skill points. Download the Flash Player. But that might be a bit bloody. Moby is very easy to control, following every movement of the mouse with unfailing obedience.


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